Reference: TX96


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Profile Sheet

A low alcohol wine elaborated for a vibrant and exigent consumer who wants to enjoy a light and pleasant drink.
A semidry wine made with the variety Ondarrabi Zuri 9, 6º.


Tasting Notes

Visual: White, crystalline with emerald green flashes.
Smelling: Intense tropical fruit aromas: Lime, melon, pineapple, passion fruit and banana.
Taste: Exotic flavors and citric hints. Its frizzante style bubbles exalt the freshness of the wine.


Wine and Food Pairing

All kinds of seafood and fish. Excellent with Oysters, sushi or tempura fish.
It should be consumed young and fresh served between 42º - 46º F in glass.


To Consume and Serve

It should be consumed young and served fresh between 6° and 10° C in glass.