Family tradition

Getariako Txakolina

Centuries ago, a sailor from Getaria was the first to circumnavigate the world, demonstrating the sphericity of the Earth. Juan Sebastián Elcano was honored to be the first to show the world that even being the son of a small town (a town that has around 2,500 habitants) human quality has no limits.

Nowadays the Ameztoi winery continues with the ancient tradition of harvesting grapes, which predates the feat of our compatriot.

Bodegas Ameztoi with permanent care of the native grape varieties “Hondarrabi Zuri” and “Hondarrabi Beltza” and his constant attention and control of the winemaking, is pleased to offer a great wine with full warranty.


In our house, the txakoli has always been the king.

I am the fourth generation: my great-grandfather was the first, the second my grandfather, my father, the third, I am the fourth and Inaxio, my son, is the fifth. Five generations, all with the same surname: AMEZTOI.

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Winnery and Facilities

Ameztoi is located in a privileged area, an environment that offers spectacular views due to the landscape.
We have extensive vineyards where our native grapes “Hondarrabi Zuri” and “Hondarrabi Beltza” are grown.

The grape harvest begins between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It is done by hand and only the bunches that fulfil the strictest quality requirements will be collected.

The grapes must be picked at the point of optimum ripeness so that the txakoli obtains the balance between acidity and sugars; characteristics which together with the sea breeze give it its unique flavour.

The bunches are quickly taken to the winery. The must is extracted and fermented in barrels for twelve to fifteen days. An exhaustive control of density and temperature is necessary for its correct development.

Ameztoi owns high level facilities in order to make our txakoli in the best conditions.


Txakoli is more than a wine with its own personality. It is fruit of a centuries' old tradition cultivated along the whole Basque coast. It is a white, pale-yellow wine, slightly acidic with fruity tones and full-bodied in the mouth.

You are recommended to serve it fresh and it is customary to pour from a height into the glass, releasing in this way lots of bubbles together with the whole variety of aromas.

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